Fringe Theatre Festival Visitor Schedule Optimiser

This is a tool to let you select shows and build your own schedule, while detecting conflicts (including walking times between shows). It's currently under construction (alpha version - features still being added), but you're welcome to give it a try. I've prefilled the list of events for the Ottawa Fringe Festival and Animation Festival, though you can do the same by copying their events-by-date web page and massaging the data enough to paste into the raw data box.

To use this, first click on the link for a festival from the list below, which will show you the Festival's raw data. You can ignore the raw data for now, just click the Update Schedule button to get to the friendlier editing display with all the checkboxes. More instructions are on the pages after that.

Useful features:

The nifty feature of this web app is that you can paste in the list of events for any festival into the text box (easiest if you obtain it in spreadsheet form). You can even make up your own web pages with pre-filled event listings (just have the FORM POST redirect to my web server), so that your friends can edit their own schedules to your festival. It also uses old (circa 1997) HTML 3.2 technology, so this should work even without Javascript.

If you have suggestions on how to improve it, please e-mail me at or use the Twitter hashtag #FFVSO to discuss it. Note that the core algorithim is running on my PC (, so it might be down once in a while for short periods of time while rebooting.

Current ideas and unimplemented features list:

[Composite screen shot of FFVSO editor mode and listing output from version 1.47]

Some of my personal schedules:

Source code is available at if you want to see how it works or just use it on your own web server. If you want to, send me an e-mail with your FFVSO web site address and I'll post a list of installations.

- Alex