Here's the list of the 52 shows in the 2012 Ottawa Fringe Festival. The shows and partial descriptions are from the official listing in alphabetical order (I'm happy that you can now more easily get a listing of shows - useful for checking off ones seen etc). Pity they don't keep around show info from previous years (so that links from old reviews would work, thus the need for this web page), though you can find lists (and reviews!) going back to 2010 at Fully fringed.
Ottawa Fringe Theatre Festival 2012 Show List
Show TitleProduction CompanyDescriptionDurationRatingPrice
100 First KissesMark MacDonald PresentsA tale of stress-fully cheesy nuance that takes place inside a girl’s imagination. Join in the fast paced fun and watch some almost first kisses, some hardly first kisses, some barely first kisses, some near…55mG$10
2020Artbeat Theatre GroupYour foot has just left the bridge and you’re falling. Dr. Ben Duncan has created a program to capture your last thoughts and memories before you die. Secrets are unlocked now that doctor-assisted…50mR$10
A MacSummer Night’s DreamCaithream Celtic Dance FusionShakespeare’s story with a Scottish twist! Told through dance, speech, and song, this comedy of love gone astray, mischievous fairies, and bumbling actors is a treat for the whole family. Highland dance…75mG$10
A Report to an AcademyGlassianoIs it possible for an ape to become human? Red Peter is living proof that such a journey is possible. From the jungles of Africa, to being caged in the bottom of a boat, to a one-ape show at Ottawa Fringe, Peter performs…40mPG$10
Aerial AllusionsBy Azana ProductionsA journey looking into the perspective of humanity through feminine and masculine viewpoints using traditional and non-traditional movement; combining Dance, Clown and Theatre to express the emotions of two…50mR$10
Alien Predator: The MusicalGo Fly a Kite ProductionsIn space, no one can hear you sing! Fortunately, this sci-fi musical homage unfolds in the Brazilian rainforest where an invisible alien Predator has claimed as its hunting grounds. Its prey: man!! Who will save…60mPG$10
Breaking Rank!Ausable Theatre“Petrick delivers… he has you laughing through the fear… - Winnipeg Uptown. “Shades of Catch-22, overtones of Gomer Pyle, USMC, and a foundation of Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s…60mR$10
CruxHightide Theatre CompanyThis quirky new musical takes us from the bright streets of Ottawa into the dim corners of the mind. We delve into a world of secrets and find ourselves at the crux of it all. A brand new creation from Rideau Award…60MPG$10
Danti-DanSACBy the side of the road 5 youths pass the summer near a dead-end town where “if you lost your virginity, somebody would find it and bring it home to your mother”. A tragicomedy about lust and the loss of…60mM$10
Dead WrongKatherine GloverYears after surviving a brutal assault, a young woman receives new evidence that forces her to question her own memories of the crime — and to face the possibility that she has sent an innocent man to prison. A…60MG$10
Dirk Darrow: NCSSI (Not Completely Serious Supernatural Investigator)Tim MotleyTrack down a killer through a murky paranormal world in the only one-man comedy film noir magical murder mystery! Part stand up, part mind-reading, part theater, all gritty 1940's retro…60mPG$10
Donkey DerbyBlack Sheep Theatre/ Little Green HatA young Irish girl’s family enters her into Letterkenny’s annual Donkey Derby. Mary must either face her fears of not living up to expectations, thwarting social perceptions, and looking silly in…45mG$10
Don’t make me ZealousErudite TheatreTom loves Jackie and Jackie loves Tom. The only problem is Tom doesn’t love Jackie’s vision of a big Catholic wedding. Jackie ends up getting more than she bargained for, however, when, one night, Tom…45mPG$10
Ex CathedraTroupe de la LuneIn a world where homosexuality is punishable by death, the Church-run Lavender Railroad is the only hope of survival for some. While preparing for the Pope’s visit in Japan, a nun discovers her former female…45mR$10
Fallen: The Book of SamaelGlassiano ProductionsA farcical retelling of the fall of the devil from heaven through the style of mafia film noir. Samael is a hitman for the great leader Papa who owns the streets. But learning the true motives of Papa Samael starts a…60mR$10
Fear Factor: Canine EditionJohn GradyAn award-winning true story of a man and his dog. About true love, loss, and overcoming obstacles, while staring fear in the face. “A performance that is as impeccable as his story is affecting.”…55mR$10
FishbowlMark ShyzerShockingly funny and equally moving, Fishbowl slyly reveals the connections between four wildly different – and outrageously hilarious – characters, all played by Mark Shyzer. Premiered at…60mM$10
FNL: Fringe Night LiveFish Shtick ProductionsMind-blowing sketch comedy and digital shorts that push the boundaries of the Fringe festival like never before. Inspired by legendary Canadian troupes such as Second City, Kids in the Hall and New York’s…50mPG$10
Gametes and GonadsActive Salad ProductionsIn a scrotum where life and death hangs in the balance of one ejaculation, destruction looms around every corner. In a uterus that demands sacrifice for prosperity, one egg is condemned to menstruation. Get sucked…45mM$10
Hard Times!Skinny Leg ProductionsHard Times! Swinging to hot jazz songs, an intimate depression era tale of vaudeville madness, poignant wisecracks, chasing rainbows and the absurd determination to be lighthearted in times of troubles.…60MG$10
Heterollectual: Love, and Other Dumb IdeasPollux DanceLove is like a butterfly. A butterfly with vicious talons and biting fangs, whose mind-control ability invites prehistoric behaviour and misdirects rational thought, disconnecting human beings from earth and…60MPG$10
Hip-hop Shakespeare Live Music Videos!411 dramaturgy co.It’s War of the Roses meets East Coast/West Coast when Hip-Hop classics and Shakespeare’s greatest hits parody each other. Feat. Kanye, Biggie, Tupac, LL, Jay and Big Willie himself, this is the…45MR$10
In WavesBackpack TheatreWinter of 1610. Sailing aboard a ship in search of the North-West Passage, separated from his wife and children, and isolated in a vast unforgiving sea, a man finds solace in the eyes of a beautiful woman hidden in the…45mPG$10
It is what it isOYP Theatre SchoolOYP Theatre School students give what they can and do what they do. It’s all about Character and sharing with the audience. ACTing out!…60mG$10
I’m Not Crying in the Bathroom: I’m Crying in the Supply ClosetLady Business/ How To Be CoolHave you ever found yourself crying in a bathroom? We have. LadyBusiness presents a sketch comedy show by women, but for everyone. Sketches span from musical, to political, to historical, to the self deprecating.…60mM$10
Kuwaiti MoonshineBetter to Burn Out/ Tim C. MurphyFrom the creator of BLIND TO HAPPINESS – ‘Engaging’, ‘Inspiring’ Montreal Gazette, FIVE STARS - Ignite FM Wpg, FOUR STARS - Eye Toronto, FIVE STARS – Wpg Free Press.…60mPG$10
Little LadySandrine Lafond incThe transformation of Cirque Du Soleil performer and Celine Dion dancer to performer generated theater artist is mirrored in this dark, comic and grotesque fable about our obsession with image. The exquisite…45MG$10
Little Orange ManSNAFU Dance TheatrePrepare yourself for Kitt, a high-octane Danish girl, as she fires up homemade technology to extract and reenact the audience’s dreams. “Haunting and hilarious.”— CultureVulture. “The kind of…75mG$10
Lonely BearGarkin ProductionsA bear befriends a doctor. A brother crosses the line. A rampage lost in history.A remarkably unsilly story from the producer of G-Men Defectives, Pick Your Path, Without a Clue, Bookworm, and Satanic Panic.…60MM$10
Love Bug Louie in a Blessing from the CursedSasa TheatreMeet LoveBug Louie; a talented, four foot tall triple threat Bouffon, who has been captured, caged and brought to your city for a show you’ll not soon forget. He’ll take you on a journey through the…75mM$10
Late Night CabaretBlack Sheep TheatreEvery night at 11:15, Black Sheep Theatre presents FRINGE LATE-NIGHT featuring the best of the Local, National, and International stars of the Fringe Circuit. The best stand-up, music, sketch comedy,…60mPG$10
Leftovers20 Nothings ProductionsAs foretold by the Mayan Calendar, these are the end of days… Three strangers endure weeks together in a CostMore Superstore. They contemplate life, compete for power and search for meaning to validate their…60mM$10
Mabel’s Last PerformanceABALONEMabel (Kathi Langston) is a feisty lady who finds herself in early retirement at a nursing home, thanks to Alzheimer’s disease. After a life of being a swinging single and successful actress, the home isn’t…55mG$10
Mercutio and OpheliaFireflood TheatreTwo figures of legend – a swordsman and a maiden – worlds apart in so many ways, have run away from everything they’ve known – before it destroys them. They meet out of chance, in a tavern on…60mG$10
More Power to your Knitting, Nell!SistersceneAspiring singer Nellie can’t believe her luck when she’s hired as a radio host, to galvanize the ‘soldier girls at home’ who knit for the troops overseas. The only problem is…Nel…60MG$10
Ne me Quitte pas, Piaf and Brel: the impossible concertBrelPiaf ProductionsEdith Piaf. Jacques Brel. French musical icons. Songs of romance, heartbreak, hope and love. Lives of drama and passion. This ‘impossible’ concert, with veteran performers Bremner Duthie and…60mG$10
Pickin n’ ShtickGLOBAL VILLAGE IDIOT PROD.A Hip-larious Ban-joke-ahloic rollercoaster of funny banjo songs, parodies, variety & cartoon 1 liners. A mix of Steve Martin & Steven Wright.…55mM$10
R U Smarter Than An IrishmanPatrick McCullaghEveryone knows the Irish are geniuses. Irish comedian, Paddy McCullagh, has spent many years pondering this but cannot find the answer, so he needs your help. Join him as he unscrambles the myths of Irishness and…60mPG$10
Space Mystery… from Outerspace!Dead Unicorn Ink.From the company who brought you Playing Dead (zombie-puppets) comes this homage to early era science fiction. A film noire style detective must thwart a space-mad scientist before he destroys the galaxy with his…60mPG$10
The Boy and the Girl and the Secrets they SharedThe Elephant CollectiveA brother and sister reconnect after twenty years of estrangement and delve into the traumatic childhood they shared.…60mG$10
The Fat Guy ShowIf You Can't Beat 'Em ProductionsThe Fat Guy’s dream is to be the greatest magician in the world and his only true friend is Neil Diamond! Clown, magic, and theatrical madness explodes as he is faced with his most enormous obstacle. Will the fat…60mG$10
The Open CoupleSasa TheatreRecipe for an open marriage happy ever after: a hint of blackmail, 2 cups matrimonial manipulation, one too many girls aged eighteen, a bottle of orally ingested suppositories and countless desperate attempts to…60mPG$10
The RoommateThis is Not TVThe Roommate is about a psycho-sexual relationship between two roommates and the difference between lust and love and where those two emotions meet. What begins as an innocent “no strings”…60mR$10
The SuicideOttawa Theatre SchoolA brilliant and penetrating satire about an unemployed man who contemplates suicide and is besieged by spokespeople of discontented groups, from artists to intellectuals, who want him to turn his suicide into a…90mG$10
This is TodayWarrior FoodYou can not be indifferent about status.You can not be indifferent about poverty.You can not be indifferent about death. Indifference is evil! Come see an original creation by 8 emerging artists!…60MPG$10
Trashman’s DilemmaScruffy Theatre ProductionsTwo Battlefield Custodians “resolve” zones CORP satellites are not able to scan. While investigating a black-hole structure, these “trashmen” lose their tele-com capabilities and…60mM$10
Tis Pity She’s a WhoreBear & Co.Lust. Vengeance. Incest. Greed. Massacre. – Ford’s Jacobean bloodbath, tells a tale of unbridled sibling passion, ending in disaster and death. Dramatic, dynamic and darkly comic, join us under the…110mM$10
Vernus says SurpriseEmanate ProductionsIn our busy, noisy world, sometimes it is the quietest characters who share the most. Vernus is an 89-year-old man who never gets the chance to speak. Today, he is determined to find the perfect gift for his…55mG$10
What Happens Now?1.21 ProductionsTravel, Planes, Cabs, Relationships, Dating, Social Networks, Work, Moms, Pets, Fashion and Trivial and Meaningless things is what Andrew Chapman tries to understand. “Chapman Does It Surprisingly…60mPG$10
White NoiseTwisted by DesignBased on the true local tragedy of Carleton student Nadia Kajouji, this collaborative piece is an exploration of the last moments of a fragile young woman’s journey toward taking her own life, and the…50mPG$10
Wolves > BoysMay Can TheatreIn a wolf pack there is the Alpha and the Beta male. If the Beta male dishonours the Alpha male it can result in a divide in the pack, or even in the Beta leaving entirely. This play is about Isaac and Lawrence, they are not…50mM$10
WanderlustMartin DockeryA man treks deep into Africa and demands an Epiphany. Any Epiphany at all. An exhilarating & hilarious true story. Best-of-Fest: Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Orlando. Winner: Adelaide Critics…70mPG$10