Fringe Festival in Progress

Well, that someone interesting has become a wonderful real girlfriend! I introduced her to the Ottawa Fringe Festival / X Marks the Fringe (tenth year) last Friday night and we haven't looked back since. So far we've seen 11 plays, with surprisingly most of them of good quality (Love Me...Now!, head/case, Cassandra, Christian Slater's Father) and even some that are excellent (G-Men Defectives and So Kiss Me Already, Herschel Gertz!) or brilliant (Zombies by Stewart Matthews).

It's also interesting to have a woman's insights - making sense of The Changing Faces of ADREV where I just saw disconnected performance art exercises with only life frustration as a common theme (except for that wizard fixer number). Turns out it had a lot to do with stages in the healing process for a broken soul.

I'm looking forward to more. There's Teaching Shakespear (I missed it when it was first performed) to start off tomorrow evening, and another whole weekend coming up.

- Alex

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