Evil Zedric at the Lone Star Cafe

We had an exceptional Lone Star lunch this Saturday to celebrate Evil Zedric's engagement.  He's changed a bit, but then so has his good twin Cedric, both of whom have worked at Artech in the past.  He drove up to Watertown from his home in New Jersey, rested a bit, then drove another long run up to here.  Part of his incentive to come is to visit Lone Star - which has the best Tex-Mex food, second only to certain hole-in-the-wall restaurants actually in Texas - not even the eateries in New York city can best it.  In particular, his favourite steaming hot fajitas were just as good as ever:

[Hot Iron Skillet with Fajitas and Steam]

He came well equipped with good stories, telling us about his 1965 GTO - an amazing car that he's grown up to realise is way too expensive to run, though he had quite a bit of fun with it both commuting and at the race track.  There's also the story of his "rented" house, strangely abandoned by the previous tenants, leaving even dirty dishes behind.

And of course the story of the accidental proposal to his girl friend on midnight of Valentines day.  He would have likely gotten around to it in a few months, but the fates intervened - while chatting about kids with her, he blurted out that they should be married.  Now he's on the greased slide to union - with several suspiciously fateful events helping it along, such as all his relatives being at home when he called his parents to tell them the news.  My best wishes to the happy couple for success.

Of course, we also talked shop, about his previous games at Hypnotix (a nice negative feedback loop trick - in Outlaw Golf if you play badly the game gets harder, until you have to beat up your caddy to make the game go back to being easier), and about build systems and code horrors.  Quite a few other ex-Artechees joined the lunch.  I hear that his evening party at the Dominion Tavern was similarly successful.  But that's a tale for someone else to tell.  That's all for now, hope he comes back next year with some more excellent stories!

- Alex

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