Men With Brooms

I've just come back from the first showing of Men with Brooms (Internet Movie Database Entry) at the Rideau Center threatre, on opening day. It's a good film, similar to many middle grade Hollywood productions, but with more Canadian jokes. There's a story that works, comedy, nude scenes (and some with women too), lewd crude jokes, double takes and an assortment of gags and other things, and lots of curling. It also has a serious love and anguish story. Plus the dramatic competition (will the announcer ever get to the bathroom?) at the end.

Would you want to take your kids to see it? They'd laugh at some of the parts, but the implied sex with a TV (not to mention the barely off screen real sex with the couple that want a baby) and using "fuck" four times too many, makes it unsuitable for small children (even deaf small children (one of the funnier jokes)), though teenagers will appreciate it. Leslie Neilson was one of the actors, and did a good job (even keeping serious and not hamming all the time), though it wasn't a laugh a second like Airplane.

I'd be happy to see it again on TV, though I wouldn't seek out a second viewing on the big screen (Shrek, Monsters Inc, or Lord of the Rings would be worth a second look). I'd recommend that you see it at least once, just so you have the background experience. Yes, I'd say that about Strange Brew but this is way better.

Unusually, on the way out I got to fill in a short survey on the film. They wanted to know what you thought of the film and basic demographics (under/over 25 years etc.).

- Alex

Copyright © 2002 by Alexander G. M. Smith.