An Entertaining Week

There was yet more entertainment activity this week.  From plays to movies, with some role playing inbetween.


On Thursday I went with mom and aunt B for dinner at Trattoria Italia to see a couple of one actor plays in a night of story telling: "Falling Back Home" (crazy stories about birds and family) and "Kicked" (police officer investigating the case of a raped and murdered little girl who manages to kick her assailant).  Both actors were quite good at switching personalities and telling their tales, making it quite intense at times.

RuneQuest Game

A RuneQuest game on Friday night, where we got a court case dismissed by some foreigners who wanted their boat back (we had disabled the crew (convincingly making it seem like they were drunk after knocking them out), set the sea-going boat adrift, hid it and then a year later "found" it and salvaged it).  The case was won by arguing that the foreigners had no more salvage rights since the local government had been acting on their behalf when we got ownership of the boat when it was initially found.  Of course, if they ask us if we stole it (under magical oath - break the oath and the stored combined magic of the oath takers kills the breaker) then we would have to say yes.  But then we'd ask about their cargo - an illegal shipment of arms that the local government was secretly selling to the foreigners.  Anyone want some cheap bronze swords?

Best of Bugs Bunny

Then on Saturday afternoon, the Best of Bugs Bunny at the Bytowne.  A solid two hours of fun and amazement on the big screen at what has been done with Bugs Bunny and other Warner Brothers characters.  The earlier evil Tweety Bird (gets eaten, lights match, shines through cat's head, smoke billows, Tweety escapes, cat's on fire, Tweety the fireman sticks a hose in the cat's mouth, turns on tap, pulls camera back - the tap is on a tank of gasoline...).  Elmer Fudd and Bug's need to change into female costume (4 or 5 of the Elmer hunting story - from early ones to What's Opera Doc and The Barber of Sevile).  One Froggy Evening and the sequel done decades later (which ends with Marvin the Martian dancing with the frog).  The Oscar winning cartoon about the Black Knight and his stupid dragon.  You get the idea...

And Work

And of course, more weekend coding at work, though spent on upgrading the animation system and not on my final project.

- Alex

Copyright © 1999 by Alexander G.  M.  Smith.