The Weather

Today started out cold, at -20C. A bit of wind and a continuous fine snow made it more interesting, along with the new years day holiday bus schedule. Yup, a fine day to go out to the movies.

The Postman

I went out to see The Postman in spite of all the negative reviews (see the Internet Movie Database Page), I decided to go. Mostly because I liked the book (by David Brin) a lot.

I came out happy three hours later. Most of the book is there, except for the fake computer intelligence. There is the hope and reconstruction inspired by memories of an earlier time (hmmm, I seem to like these reconstruction stories - H. Beam Piper being a favorite). There are chases. Lots of ups and downs. A bit of sex (there was a lack of good men after the plagues), more violence. Ok, after Starship Troopers it isn't very much. It ends with a battle between postmen on horses and survivalists on horses, which had a bit of diplomacy in the book (getting townsfolk to help out). In the movie it ends with a battle of champions. The big point of the book and film is the contrast between survivalist philosophy (top dog in charge, lots of death) and community philosophy (people helping people voluntarily, things ending happily).

So, good. I'd like to see it again in a few years. But it is not the rollercoaster ride of Starship Troopers. If you liked the book, you'd enjoy the film. But the book is better because it has more details about the reconstruction.

- Alex

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