An Ordinary Weekend for Once!

Eeyup, it looks like nothing exceptional is happening this weekend.

RuneQuest Pregame Festivities

So far, so good. I went to a RuneQuest game on Friday. A couple of the gamers also rehearsed a Dorothy Parker one act play for us, playing a newly married couple off to a fighting start. They did the mannerisms and behaviour of the characters well enough to make me annoyed at the character's own stupidity. On the other hand, Jurassic Park: Lost World made me annoyed at the script writer for the character's stupidity. Ok, maybe having a play break out at a RuneQuest game is a bit exceptional, and I did learn a new way of spelling "yup", so it isn't quite ordinary.

RuneQuest Logging Game

Our little party is out to make some money. There's a foreigner in port who will pay pearls for boot-wood for a new boat. Boot-wood is like the real world's iron-wood, but harder. The first half was mostly the usual boring mechanics: getting saws that can handle the boot-wood trees (specially commisioned bronze stone cutting saws with closely spaced wood cutting teeth), getting the equipment up river into the northern Desolation Plains, setting up camp, bargaining with local tribes for hunting rights, looking for a woods-man we were supposed to contact, and weeks of tedious sawing (and in the future, some fun rafting down the spring flood).

However, there was a bit of excitement near the end of the evening when a giant appeared (Peace Tower sized; 100m tall). We're deciding what to do - hide, run away or try to talk to it? Is the giant trying to resole his boots? My character, Loy, wanted to be adventurous and take a ride on the giant's boot (and maybe inspect it for wear while there). That guy must move really fast! Unfortunately, Loy tripped and sprained an ankle just before his companions tried to grab and stop him. Oh well, at least he now has an excuse for not running out to retrieve the mule.


Saturday was Lawn Care Day. Digging up a dead patch and reseeding, then watering everything (hasn't rained in a week and a half, or longer).


I finally restarted the back yard patio stone wall construction works, and finished the rain run-off channel. I'm hoping that some grass and weeds will start to grow in the cracks to make it more erosion proof. Sunday afternoon is reading time - lots of stuff to catch up (Dr. Dobbs, Byte, some SF reading). It's even warmer today (27C right now) so I'm enjoying the cool of my Monk's Cell Room while typing this and reading. Oops, some more people just came in, for my mom's tea party. I declined an invitation since I'm partied out (there was another dinner party on Thursday night that revolved around people's trips to Greece and Turkey, with photos).

- Alex

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