3DO Purchases & The Big Move

Today was the start of the big move in preparations for ceiling tile replacement and front enclosed porch construction (as expected, I'm funding yet another basement room under it). Most of today was spent moving stuff out of my new room and moving my Amiga and the desk into the room (and cleaning the dead bugs and a few live spiders off the floor).

In the morning, I picked up another 5 3DO titles for $100, which included a couple of free control pads. The best of the lot was probably PGA Golf '96 by Electronic Arts. As you can tell, 3DO prices are pretty low.

While cleaning out stuff, I came across this report:

The Kamchatka Kuppa-Vuppa

The Kamchatka Kuppa-Vuppa is closely related to the South American Cuppa-Wuppa. The only difference is that the Kuppa-Vuppa drinks vodka and the Cuppa-Wuppa drinks latex from rubber trees. The Kuppa-Vuppa lives on the Kamchatka peninsula in eastern Siberia. He digs for uranium with a sub-machine-gun.
There's a nice picture (in pastels) of a Brontosaur style dinosaur painted in red with lots of short diagonal lines giving it texture. It has an arrow tail and is carring a white machine gun in its front feet (it has 6 feet).

You guessed it, I came across a cache of my brother's junior school art work.

- Alex

Copyright © 1997 by Alexander G. M. Smith.