Weekend Fun

Besides the usual weekend fun of watching lots of TV, programming very long integers, and playing Space Hulk, I had the opportunity to add flavour to my windbreaker. After the temperature got above freezing on Sunday, I brought out the barbeque. It started easily and cooking went well (not too windy). Still, the slight breeze embedded part of all eight hamburgers into my windbreaker.

Space Jam

I went and saw Space Jam today, at the Tuesday matinee. I'd say it was good, but not great. Better than Hunchback of Notre Dame and worse than Aladdin.

Michael Jordan was good as himself. The supporting characters had the right ingredients, but the timing was slow and they didn't do as much wild stuff as they could have. Perhaps the writers were too even handed at dishing out cameo spots to all the Warner Brothers cartoon characters. Anyway, there wasn't enough tension - Bugs Bunny's situation didn't look hopeless or the bad guys weren't dangerous enough (you knew who was going to win). Too predictable.

Technically, it was flawless. Of course, some of this has been done before, in Roger Rabbit (a much more fun to watch film). Some parts were direct copies of Roger Rabbit (the big cartoon kiss for one, the reinflating person for another (though this time not ominious or plot advancing like in Roger Rabbit)).

There were a few "in" jokes, the most obvious being about Mickey Mouse. There were some nice isolated cartoon gags (crispie fried Foghorn Leghorn or original, TNT in the hoop, various bits of violence).

Hmmm, now I want to go off and watch Roger Rabbit.

- Alex

Copyright © 1996 by Alexander G. M. Smith.