A Quiet Sunday

On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, /CENTRAL.U758235 wrote:
> So on the weekend I went out and saw "Twister" at 1/2 price

I had an even quieter weekend. Sunday was spent mostly programming, reading up on how to write a shared library for the Amiga in assembler. The nice thing of being near the end of the Amiga's lifetime is that there are lots of examples and the tools are mature. So, yes, I'm starting to work on the virtual file system now, a project that I started before July 1993.

Furniture Assembly on Saturday

Saturday was spent putting together the top half of the sideboard from Ikea (a cabinet for dishes). That took two and a half hours, with a distraction in the middle as one of the musicians from work came around looking for someone with a key to the music room (he'd left his wallet in there).

A Quiet Monday Too

Oh, I got a new 3DO game today, Lucienne's Quest, a role playing game in 3D done in Japanese anime style. The 3DO is also at the end of its lifecycle, so there isn't much new out. The whole video game scene is also kind of quiet, the only excitement seems to be about the Nintendo 64.

I played Call of Cthulhu in the evening, this time we found the missing occult statue arm in a bazaar in Belgrade, without too much hunting around. But no sooner than we had purchased it (after some haggling), two big thugs grabbed it and ran off. Now, if we chase them and pull guns and knives, we may start a riot like the one there last week (Serbs vs Turks). Could be interesting...

- Alex

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